Aug 17

Chloe: The Newest Member of our Family

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These past few months have been so crazy, I feel that I never fully introduced our newest pride and joy to you all! So today I wanted to share some items we love for Chloe as well as answer your questions about her! Without further ado meet: Chloe Hillyard!


So many of you asked why we decided to get Chloe at the time we did with moving into the new house. Our lost our previous dog Daisy almost a year ago and the kids constantly talked about how much they missed her. Michael and I talked a lot about It and we thought this would be a great learning opportunity for the older kids. Sutton and Greyson have taken on the role of taking Chloe out for potty breaks, help training her, refilling her food / water and taking her for walks. They also love playing with her after school- she was the perfect addition to our family and we couldn’t be happier!


She is a teacup maltipoo


Chloe picked up on her potty training pretty quick. She is part poodle which makes her super smart. We have taught her sit and the basic household commands but we haven’t done any advance training with her. We are still considering getting her trained somewhere for more advanced commands


Many of you have asked about her dog tag so I wanted to share a link to where we got hers along with some of our other favorites we got her!



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