Jul 6

June Instagram Round Up

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Happy July, I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend! I am rounding up my photos from my Instagram feed from June if you missed anything or are looking for links! Not seeing my photos on your instagram feed? Be sure to like or comment a few of my recent posts. You can do that here. This tells the algorithm that you want to see the things on my feed. I appreciate all the love and support you give Cella Jane. You are the best!


If you see something you like, you can find shop-able links by visiting the ‘Shop My Insta’ page. No need to sign up or check your email–simply click each photo here to display ready-to-shop links. So easy!

Link to this look

Shop my swim look here

Shop this outfit here

Shopping link here

Link to this outfit here

Shop my swim look here

Shop this outfit here

Link to shop here

Link to shop my collection from Amazon here

Shop my outfit linked here

Shop our swim looks here

Link to this suit here

Link to shop my kitchen items here

Link to shop this picture here

Shop my date night outfit here

Link to this beach look here

Shop Mike and I’s outfits here

Link to this picture here

Shop my neutral outfit here

Shop my home decor items here

Shop my matching set look here



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