Jul 21

Essentials to Stock up on During the Nordstrom Sale

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These truly are the best bras, these are for sure a must have during the sale. I have so many of these bras, but It never feels like enough! They really are all I wear.


I have tried so many different no-show socks, but I always run into the problem of them falling down while I wear them. These are hands down the best socks. They are really the only socks I wear-they stay in place with any shoe!


I love having this serum on hand. It works wonders! This is the only time I buy It because the sale is so good!


We are a huge blanket family! Everyone has to have at least 1 or 2 blankets on them during movie night. These blanket on the #nsale are the softest. This a great time to purchase these super comfy pieces!


If you know me- you know that I always have candles burning throughout the house! These candles are some of my favorites, this is the best time to stock up on candles for the year!

Brow Serum // Hinoki Soap // Sunscreen // Kiehls Hand soap // Kiehls lotion // True & Co lift V neck bra // True & Co convertible strap bra // True & Co V neck bralette // Unhide blanket // Hand sanitizer // Barefoot Dreams blanket // Candles // White socks // Black Socks // Underwear



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