Spring Fashion Favorites

May 3, 2021

Floral puff sleeve // White tank top // Blue one sleeve top // Long sleeve top // Purple and yellow floral top // White long sleeve // Blue and green floral top

Floral mini dress // White maxi dress // White midi dress // Ribbed dress

Zip up leather jacket // Draw string leather jacket // Button up leather jacket // Trench coat left // Trench coat middle // Trench coat right // Levi denim jacket // Amazon the drop denim jacket // Abercrombie denim jacket // Mango denim jacket

Far left jeans // Middle left jeans // Middle right jeans // Far right jeans

Wayne hat // Antoni hat // Palma wide boater hat // Western wide palma // Caramel rancher hat // Stevie straw panama hat // Mirage hat // Stripe bucket hat

Top left heels // Braided sandals // Birkenstocks // Veja sneakers // Top right heels // Braided heels // Double strap sandals // Golden goose sneakers


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