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New Year, New Intentions

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New year, new intentions – how many of you decided to set some intentions this year? Typically I’m not someone who goes crazy over resolutions and goal setting during this time of year because if I’m honest, I don’t always follow through. It can feel really overwhelming, don’t you think? Like you have to suddenly overhaul your entire life! This year though, Michael and I decided that with everything that happened in 2020, we did want to set some intentions for 2021. I know it sounds cliché (another reason I’ve never been big on it), but it felt right so we went for it!

To start the year off intentionally, we wanted to make sure that whatever we decided our “intentions” were for the year, they were achievable. Like I said above, in the past, New Year’s resolutions have always kind of been something I put out there, and then they don’t happen because they weren’t realistic. So Michael and I truly did put a lot of thought into these and I hope it inspires you to do the same!

2021 Intentions

Cleaner eating: You guys know I love cooking and being in the kitchen. I feel like I do a decent job of making clean, healthy, whole meals for our family, but I won’t lie, life with three kids is hectic. There have been plenty of times where I’ve chosen convenience over health and I want to be more intentional this year about setting aside time for cooking/prep work because I think that’s the key to eating clean.

More water: I always need this reminder! Sometimes I think I’ve drank lots of water in a day and then when I think about it, it was maybe 24 ounces. We should all be drinking at least 96 ounces per day!!

Less alcohol: Michael and I are attempting to do dry January. Has anyone else ever done it? Alcohol really is one of those things that can quickly cancel out any workouts or healthy eating so we’re trying to start the year off right with little to no alcohol and then being more intentional/choosey about when we do decide to drink.

Consistent workouts: My commitment to myself is to put on workout clothes and workout at least 4-5 times a week. Of course, it always helps when you’re wearing activewear you love and for Michael and I that’s lululemon. I’ve been reaching for these joggers and a boxy crewneck sweatshirt lately because they’re perfect for walks or even doing some light circuits. The same goes for Michael – these lululemon joggers and a hoodie for walks and to help sweat it out for anything a little more intense. You all know lululemon also has the best leggings out there too so if you want something along those lines to train in, lululemon is your best bet!

Less screen time: This one is so hard and will honestly probably be my biggest challenge! My job is to constantly be on my computer and on my phone/social media. I think I’ll have to work on setting firm boundaries and not stress if I can’t respond to every single DM or comment (please forgive me!). It’s not all work though – I fall victim to mindless scrolling just like anyone else, which should be the first thing I limit.

Being more present with each other: Between building a home and having a third baby, 2020 was busy, to say the least. Michael and I decided that as a couple when we actually do have some time together, it needs to be taken advantage of and intentional. This means phones away, clear minds and truly being present with one another. 

Personal mantras for the year

I know mantras might seem a little woo-woo to some, but I think there’s really something to it. They’re basically just constant reminders for yourself, and I think if you hear something (even if it comes from your own mouth) enough times, you will start to do it/believe it. These are the three mantras I’m going to repeat to myself throughout 2021:

I will not sweat the small stuff

I will be kinder to myself

I will strive for balance

Are you setting intentions this year? If so, I’d love for you to share! Everyone takes a different approach with this stuff and it’s always interesting to see what others are doing!


His: License To Train Joggers // At Ease Hoodie

Hers: LA Boxy Pullover // Beyond The Studio Jogger // Belt Bag

A big thanks to lululemon for sponsoring today’s post!



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