fives on friday

Friday 5

August 14, 2020

Happy Friday!! I am sharing the top 5 most purchased items by you all this week along with 5 new items I am currently loving! A lot of items are from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and are still in stock. Now is a great time to stock up while they are discounted!

1. Tote Bag 2. Cardigan 3. Black Cardigan 4. Sneakers 5. Sweater


Slip Pillowcase // Jewelry Case // Face Mask Strap // Eye Balm // Sweater

Slip Pillowcase // This pillow is a bit pricey on its own so now is a great time to get it while it is on the Nordstrom sale! It helps prevent face wrinkles and really protects your hair and helps to eliminate bed head!

Jewelry Case // It is a challenge for me to keep all my jewelry organized! I love that you can see your pieces from the top and it has plenty of storage!

Face Mask Strap // The sunglass straps in my shop also work as a face mask strap! Just carefully unclip the plastic band and clip it onto your face mask strap. It is so nice to always know where you mask is when you take it off!

Eye Balm // This has been saving this tired mama! It diminishes my dark circles under my eye and gives me a complete refresh!

Sweater // Love this option to the FP one that sold out in the #nsale so fast. Sharing details on stories today!

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