Jun 22

Pool Bag Essentials

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Our weeknights and weekend have been consisting of the pool, the pool and the pool again! Our kids are at the perfect age to enjoy hours outside swimming.

I like to have my bag ready to go and be prepared for anything I might need while we are away. So I put together my must haves for my pool bag and also must haves for a pool bag if you are taking kids.


You have to start with the right tote bag! I love this large sized bag that helps keep my hands free while getting the kids loaded and unloaded.

I highly recommend this Colorscience Sunscreen. I apply it on my face, chest and hands. Another items I recommend are these dupe RayBan Sunglasses. The pool is a known spot to loss or break a pair of sunglasses so I love this pair for under $25.

Always have a reusable bag to place all your sunscreens and these single use makeup removers are perfect for evenings at the pool. I always throw them in and they come in super handy.

Tote Bag // Turkish Beach Towel // ColorScience Sunscreen

Sunscreen // Straw Hat // Hair Brush

Sunglasses // Clear Tote Bag // Single Make-up Remover

Water Bottle // Hair Ties // Evian Face Spray

Kids Goggles // Pool Bag // Kids Pool Toys

Sandals // Wet/Dry Bag // Pool Towel

Reusable Snack Bags // Swim Vest // Sunscreen






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