How I Made Grocery Shopping More Convenient 

November 13, 2019

I’m so excited about today’s post because it’s one of those partnerships where I feel like if I didn’t share it with you all, I’d be doing you a disservice – especially for moms and busy families. Because I don’t know about you guys but grocery shopping is one of my least favorite household chores every week. Mostly because of the time it takes – I have to get get the kids loaded up, drive to the store, unload the kids, wrangle the kids while trying to get in and out (if you’re a mom you know how fun this can be) and then pack all the groceries up, load the kids again only to drive home to have to unload everything. It’s a lot of time and effort.
Well, all of that is now changed for our family because of Walmart InHome grocery delivery!
Have you heard of Walmart InHome yet? If not, this is going to blow you away. We’ve had groceries delivered before, but Walmart InHome takes it to a whole new level by having its associates come into your home (they’re trained and background checked) and actually unload and put away all your groceries for you! I know, I thought it sounded too good to be true too, especially because I wasn’t sure about someone coming into our house when we aren’t there, but here’s how it works so you don’t have to stress about that.
First, you install a smart lock on your front door or a garage door opener with a code on the outside of your house. We already had the garage door opener, so we opted for that. Second, you order your groceries online. Then, a Walmart associate shops for your groceries for you and delivers them to your home in a nice clearly marked Walmart InHome delivery van. Here’s the cool part – the Walmart associate is wearing a body camera that live streams right to your phone when they connect to your wifi, which they do while unlocking your door or entering through your garage. So I was able to watch the live feed of the Walmart employee the entire time they were at our house!