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3 Steps to Making Style More Comfortable

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It’s no secret that I live for all things comfort, and I’m all about effortless, everyday style. I’m definitely not the girl always in heels or dresses, and I just feel more comfortable (literally and in my own skin) when I’m comfy. So I thought I’d share the steps that help me stay comfortable while still looking stylish. If this is similar to your personal style, I hope the tips are helpful!

Find the right jeans


There are so many cute jeans out there that I won’t wear because of how they feel. Whether they’re too stiff, the material is itchy or whatever – I won’t do it if they don’t feel good. I usually look for either a pair that’s a bit loose or if I want something tighter, they have to have good stretch! It’s a must.


I love these Everlane high-rise ankle jeans because they literally feel like leggings but look like jeans. And to me that’s the perfect combination! They hold everything in while being really flexible. Everlane has launched an entire line of Authentic Stretch that looks like real denim but has that amazing stretch that doesn’t actually stretch out, and I can’t recommend the line enough!


Shoes you can walk in


Before buying a pair of shoes, I always spend time walking in them. If I’m in the store, I’ll walk around the shoe department for a good 10 minutes, or if I’m at home, I’ll walk on the carpet throughout the morning or whenever. Because I know myself and that I won’t end up wearing shoes that aren’t comfortable (or that I can’t walk normal in after a few minutes!).


With fall coming up, I like shopping block heels boots and I like this style when it comes to heels, too. And you guys know how I feel about sneakers 🙂

Have go-to styles


There are certain styles, whether pants, tops, or shoes, that you feel best in. Maybe they fit your lifestyle, body shape, or you just like the feel of something. We all have those pieces that we grab when we can’t find anything to wear and we know will work. My suggestion is to stock up on those styles in different colors, textures, etc.


For me, button-up blouses are the top style I can never have enough of. I like being able to layer necklaces above them, to tuck them in or tie them up, and that they can go from casual to dressy when needed. I live in this style from Everlane, which is so soft and flattering.


So next time you find an item you like, either buy a couple for when one wears out, or try to find other colors/prints of that same style. When it works it works!

Becky xx


Silk Blouse TTS wearing size small // Denim TTS wearing size 26 // Boots  TTS//

A big thanks to Everlane for sponsoring this post!




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