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Mom Life: Tips on How to Get Ready Fast

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As a mother of two, I don’t have much time for prettifying before leaving the house. I spend way less time doing my hair, getting dress and putting on make-up compared to my pre-child days.

Yet I still want to look put together, whether it’s headed to a work meeting or a play date with the kids. Here are a few tips on how I manage to look put together, get the kids looking good and getting out the door quickly.

Plan ahead

I try to get everything ready the night before that I possibly can.

Some ideas:

Shower at night after the kids are in bed.

Lay out what you are going to wear, even if it’s yoga leggings and a pullover. Don’t forget shoes and accessories. If I don’t think about what I am wearing or lay it ALL out, I get flustered in the morning rush.

Have the kids’ snacks or breakfast prepped. I pre-wash fruit, pack snacks and water bottles, sippy cups the night before.


1// I make time to wash my face every single morning! I feel so much better and more awake after I do this!

2 // Instead of doing your whole makeup routine, stick to a couple of basics that highlight your best features. For me, that’s putting on mascara, concealer, and bronzer!

3 // Get up earlier. I find it’s a lot easier to get myself up and get ready before waking the kids so I have all the time to focus on myself rather than having to multitask.

4 // Do easy waves (under 5 mins) or straighten your hair for a sleek pony or topknot (takes me under 5 mins)

For easy curls or for straightening my hair I love Conair Infiniti Pro 2-in-1 Styler. I appreciate that it works double time as a flat iron and curling iron, so depending on what I want my hair to do that day, I only need that one tool.  

*Tip-when you are in a pinch for time, curl the top layers of your hair (leaving ends out) and just a few pieces underneath for a natural wave where you don’t have to curl every piece of hair.

Other days I use the flat iron just to smooth my hair from the night before and put in into a sleek pony or topknot.

Some days I have photoshoots with Sutton and I need her ready as well. She just started asking to have her hair curled like mom, which is so sweet, and luckily I have a great tool for quick and easy curls on her. I love using Conair’s Infiniti Pro for Sutton’s curls. The first time I used it, it took awhile to get the hang of, but now with a little practice, and learning how much hair I can put into the barrel, I have her hair curled in less than 5 minutes and it lasts all day on her!

How it works:  Hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber where it is gently held, timed and heated from all directions to form the perfect curl. What I also love, is that it’s safe for when Sutton has any sudden movements, she won’t get burned by it, like a traditional curling iron.

Involve your kids

Sutton loves to get ready with me. So I ask her to “help” put blush on or wash our faces. So she can do it, while I do it as well. It makes it easy to get her hair curled when she sees me doing in on myself as well!

I babyproof my entire master bathroom. So if needed I bring Greyson in to play while I finishing getting ready quick.

Sutton will sometimes pack her own backpack. I make it fun and tell giver her a timed goal to get her backpack packed in 3 mins and she thinks its so fun to do before my iphone timer goes off!


Take Shortcuts

Take your breakfast and coffee to go in the car!

Have snacks in the car ready to go!

I keep lipstick and mascara in my purse in case I need it, or didn’t have time to apply at home and just do it in the car instead.

Worry Less

Who cares if you show up with your yoga pants inside out? We all have been there! Just remember you are a beautiful woman/mother, and raising kids is a lot of work! Who cares if you don’t have the trendiest makeup or latest fashion? As I am reminded on a daily basis, the kids grow up so fast and before you know it, they will be 18 and out of the house! Embrace the hot mess and remember these tips to hopefully make mom life and getting ready a little easier!

Styling Tools Details (all available at Target)

Conair Infiniti Pro 2-in-1 Styler

Conair’s Infiniti Pro

PS-To show my appreciation to my readers, I teamed up with Conair to give away both of the hair styling tools I used:


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  1. Love your tips and your style! Can you share info on the top you are wearing? It’s so fun! XO!

  2. My mom was always present and involved in my life, even while being a crazy busy transplant physician. She taught me what kindness and positivity look like and how much they can impact the people around you. There are so many reasons I love my mom, but these embody the essence of who she is to me.

  3. Being a mom Can be sometimes so stressful and I love that you shared some tips on getting ready and prioritizing what you want done for the day for yourself. I love that being a mom of a daughter that is almost 3 I can slowly get her involved in my morning beauty routine as well and she wants to do exactly what I am doing as well

  4. Love this! I have three littles and my boys love getting ready with me, but not my daughter. Lol! I would love to curl her hair more, but mine is naturally curly and hers is sooooo straight. My favorite thing about being a mom is how no matter how my day was at work, I can never wait to get home to my kiddos. They make life so much more special and meaningful- even just the little everyday moments. ?

  5. Thanks so much for sharing! I dont have kids yet but I constantly feel like I dont have time to stay healthy (excersice, eat a healthy breakfast) AND look put together unless I wake up an extra 2 hours early haha so I will be using these tips for sure!

  6. I love how my mom would always include us in her morning routine when we were little!! I always felt so grown up and I loved it because I wanted to be just like her. 🙂

  7. The best part of being a mom is how much these kids make me laugh! They are so wild and crazy that I know I’m going to miss that when they are older! If you get a chance, buy the children’s book, Let me hold you longer by Karen Kingsbury. Wonderful reminder that they don’t stay little forever and to cherish that time!

  8. My girls are now teenagers (insert crying emoji!) and I still use these tips! I’ve always gotten ready with them, etc. and as crazy as some mornings are, hold onto them because the time really does fly! My momma tells me these are the best days of our lives! ❤️

  9. I love being a mom to my daughter and two sons. Every day they remind me that everyone is different and we need to respect what makes us unique in our own special way.

  10. My mom is a no-fuss kind of mom. Always beautiful but never too “done”. Hope I’m just like her as a new momma. ❤️

  11. I should say I am so lucky to be a mom to my sweet crazy gal, best part is just being able to see them grow, develop their own personalities, and having that absolute unconditional love from them, unlike anything! ❤️

  12. This past week I wore my shirt backwards- not on purpose- to run errands…
    …and my kids are grown so I have no excuse ???‍♀️

  13. Great tips!! I always cam whenever I go out with kids and most of the time I don’t have time to prep myself. Prepping the night before is the way to go! Thank you!! You are always awesome?

  14. I really love how you involve the kids. I have done that a little bit but it’s nice to be reminded that routines need to be catered to at night as well. Even laying out my own clothes – its self care in a way. I also love how you said “put the basics on” re makeup. I can’t tell you how many times I followed a lot of MUA or beauty bloggers online from LA but that’s not my real life. Or real life! I don’t have over an hour for full face! Good to see that validated again! 🙂
    What I love most about my mom is that she is from Thailand and has used the same beauty cream her WHOLE LIFE and has never tried another. She has very smooth skin and virtually no wrinkles. Here I am at 37 trying to start skin care now 🙁 What I love being about a mom? My little one just turned 6 and I love that she truly completes me in every possible way. She is the only person on this earth that makes me feel vulnerable yet so special. I am blessed to have her and every second I cherish. I changed jobs, quit them, etc etc and it was all for her – and totally worth it. xo

  15. Love the opportunity to win some goodies! What I love about my mom is that she taught me how to reach my goals even if they fail truck on and keep going. As a mother myself the best is being able to teach and guide them every day. Listening to their stories of their day ❤️

  16. Great post! I agree that planning ahead is the number one thing you can do to make life simpler. I get up earlier than usual, and have everything ready the night before. The only thing I wish I could do is curl or straighten my hair in 5 min. Long hair probs lol!


  17. Love this. Getting myself ready can seem so selfish and stressful but prioritizing and prepping is truly helpful.
    My mother had four of us but still managed to keep it together and looked flawless!