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Where to Shop For Pre-Owned Chanel, LV, Hermes Gucci, and Goyard

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Have you ever looked for a hard to find luxury bag only to find that it’s sold out everywhere? Or Have you ever wanted an authentic luxury bag but just couldn’t justify the price. What if I told you, you can buy your dream bag for a fraction of the original price? Enter StockX….




So what is StockX exactly?

StockX has the largest catalog of luxury handbags – 10,000+ and growing every day, every pre-owned bag is in excellent condition is authenticated by experts (guaranteed). Which means you will never get a fake. The company has received a ton of praise from incredibly reputable sources such as Forbes, CNBC, Fortune, The Economist, GQ, and Business Insider.

The catalog includes pre-owned Chanel, LV, Hermes, Gucci and Goyard–all of which come with 100-percent authenticity guaranteed and all in excellent condition.

What’s great is that the selection of pre-owned designer bags changes daily.  You can check out the full selection here. We’re even talking bags from previous seasons that are no longer available at retail locations.




So how does the buying process work on StockX?

There are two ways to shop on StockX. When you find the bag you want, you have two options to purchase the bag:

1 // YOU CAN BUY — Want the bag now and like the price? You can but the items for the Lowest Ask price and the bag is yours. So easy, right! The Lowest Ask price is the price that the seller has set and will accept immediately.

2 // YOU CAN BID — Another option is you can place a new bid on the handbag.  Your bid must be higher than the current Highest Bid price. Once you have submitted your bid, the seller can accept or reject your offer. If the seller accepts your new bid, the transaction is initiated. This can take a few minutes or a few days depending on the seller.

AND… if you see a bag doesn’t have a “buy now” price. This means that the bag isn’t currently in stock. You can still, however, bid on it. If someone who owns that bag sees your bid and likes it, you just might get lucky. They could decide to sell it to you!

StockX authenticates all bags and makes sure they are in amazing condition before they are sent out. The seller first sends to StockX so they can do this process, and then StockX ships the bag to you! Every bag bag goes out with a green tag showing that StockX has guaranteed authenticity of the bag.

To help you make educated decisions, StockX offers pricing information about vintage bags recently sold through its site–as well as through other sites–so you understand the market better and so know you’re getting a fair deal. So awesome, right!?


I was so impressed with StockX. Their selection is massive! I was so happy to find the bag I have been searching for, for so long! My Chanel Boy bag came in the mail and was like brand new. In the original box with the verified inspection tags that StockX places on the bag once it is inspected. It included the authenticity card and dust bag even. The bag was like new, nearly flawless and in pristine condition.

Head on over to StockX to view their entire selection and start bidding on the bag of your dreams!


Becky xx

Today’s post is in collaboration with StockX. As always, all opinions are my own.




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