Feb 1

Mommy Time with SJ

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What a week it has been! After returning home from our cruise I feel like I hit the ground running with work. Playing catch up on emails, shooting several campaigns for the remainder of the month, trying to unpack, do laundry and juggle the kids, I feel like I have had no time. The past year things have become really busy with my work and it is my top priority not to let that interfere with my #1 job — being the best mom I can be. Every week I make sure to schedule some one-on-one time with Sutton since she now is in school full time. Greyson stays home with our nanny while I work so I get to see him often, which often leaves me feeling major mom guilt not seeing Sutton as much as Grey.

I always plan a weekly date for us. Sometimes it’s a trip to the Jump Place or out for a special treat. She loves going to Petco. Total animal lover. 😉

I love taking her along with me to the coffee shop and strolling in some shops. I swear she acts like she’s 12 walking around. She will chat with total strangers.

Her little mini leather jacket is my favorite.

Matching mommy and me is always.

I am obsessed with my new Victoria Emerson watch and bracelet. They stack so well together and go with so many of my looks.

I ordered my mom the same wrap bracelet in the pearl color because I know how much she loves VE designs. They make the perfect gift for your mom, girlfriends or sisters.


I love the times she asks to be held. It doesn’t happen often, so when it does, it’s the best!

My Victoria Emerson watch is currently on sale (under $50)! See the entire collection of watches here.

My wrap bracelet comes in a bunch of different colors!  See all here.

Photography by Rachel Rigler

What are you favorite mommy and mini dates?

xx Becky

Outfit details: My Leather Jacket via Boda /  Sutton’s Leather Jacket Boda // My Levi’s Jeans | Sutton’s Levi’s // Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelet & Watch // Sutton’s Boots // Sutton’s Aviators // Prada Bag

In collaboration with Victoria Emerson.



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  1. Omg. I can’t cope with how cute you gals are! Waaaah! Serious style goals.

  2. The matching outfits kill me!! I love it so much! I pray I have a daughter soon so that I can do this!! lol

  3. She is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen. I adore seeing her….PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!