Staying Cozy

December 16, 2017

The weather is starting to feel more and more like winter here in KC. I can’t wait for the first snow. I secretly love getting the kids bundled up “Christmas Story” style and taking them out to see the snow. I love the cozy knit trend right now…and as you can see I love seeing it on my kids too!

I love the cozy knit trend right now…and as you can see I love seeing it on my kids too! Part of bundling up in the cold is gloves— I recently found these cute cream ones that match all of my knits. Believe it or not, they are Isotoner! This specific style I’m wearing are the smartDRI® Knit Gloves with smarTouch® They completely repel water and keep our hands dry and warm while we play in the snow!! And I love that I can still use my phone while wearing them.

They have so many cute and cozy style gloves and mittens for the winter season.

I still can remember my mom wearing a pair of Isotoners. I always have known them for their quality gloves, as you can see the styles have changed—but they’re still the Isotoners I always knew and loved!

As much as I love to play out in the snow, the best part of my day is at home cuddling with my babies. We change into our sweats & slippers, and cozy up by the Christmas tree. These Isotoner memory foam slippers are so amazingly comfy! I never had a slipper feel so good on my feet!

I love that my Target carries a huge selection of Isotoner gloves, mittens and slippers. I totally grabbed a few pairs for gift giving!


Becky xx

In collaboration with Isotoner.

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