5 Fun Things to Do Labor Day Weekend

September 1, 2017

Fall doesn’t officially begin until late September, but for many of us, Labor Day weekend means summer’s end is here.  Your kiddos may be back in school, or if you are gearing up for the end of the summer, this three-day weekend gives us one last chance to celebrate before it’s really back to the grind. So today I am sharing 5 things you can do this Labor Day weekend.

Always taking pictures. She is going to be an amazing photographer some day. 😉

Sutton took about 5 of the same picture of me. Bless her heart. 😉

She thought it was so funny to put her feet on the cheese board.

*Must have wine on all Family picnics. 😉

The best cuddler ever! Grey LOVES to cuddle.

She kept cutting me huge chunks of cheese. It was a dull knife, fyi.


Have a picnic //

What better way to say goodbye to summer than to get outdoors? I love doing picnics with the family and most times we will just do it in our backyard. I like to get Sutton involved and let her help me pick out the food/activites for the picnic. For our last picnic, we ran to Trader Joe’s to grab a few easy to bring items.  The first thing Sutton saw at TJs was these huge baguettes and insisted on having them for our picnic, so French of her!;)  We also picked up some cheese, crackers, and the most important thing…WINE! I always get watermelon or grapes, it’s so easy, and Michael picked up our favorite pizza! 

We have a playset in our backyard so it’s nice to have that for Sutton while we picnic. I suggest going to a park or a nice open spot for the kids/pups to run. Bring a soccer ball, or football and a bunch of wet wipes!

I love Grey’s Moses basket for stuff like this when I need a place for him to lay, and he is not old enough to sit up on his own.

As you may already know, Sutton loves our Polaroid camera. She is always wanting to take pics of what we are doing and is actually pretty decent at it. It’s fun to capture these memories not just on our phone, but with actual film!

I love this Lovin’ Summer tent. It can be used at the beach, and anywhere outdoors. It is great for concerts, family vacations, beach days and so much more!

Picnic CheckList:

Picnic Basket – a no brainer right!? We got ours for a wedding gift and I love it! So fun and easy to throw all our items in the basket.

Paper plates // utensils

Wet Wipes -works so much better than napkins for sticky fingers

Fruit – I like Grapes or pre-sliced watermelon

Main Dish- I like something easy – like picking up your favorite pizza or sandwiches to pack along. Trader joe’s or your local grocery store may also have wraps, or easy to go picnic food.

Wine! – We have reusable plastic wine cups in our picnic basket, and I highly recommend using when outdoors!

Blankets – A big throw blanket that is large enough for the entire family and food to gather one. also, one that is easy to wash. If you don’t have one that is big enough, big a couple to spread out.

Other foods:

I like having crackers and cheese.

Bottled Water // To-go juice for kids

Trash Bag // For quick clean up!


Go to a Farmer’s Market //

Find your local farmer’s market and pick up farm fresh vegetables, jellies, baked goods, local cheese, flowers and so much more. I love it for the fact that the entire family enjoys going, I get to stock up on farm fresh produce, and we all get to enjoy our favorite homemade baked good. I always get a slice of Apple pie!

Visit a Local Winery //

Wine is my drink of choice!  It’s a great time to visit local wineries. Many wineries host special events with food pairings, (CHEESE:), barrel tastings musical performances, local artists and more.

Host an ice cream gathering //

If you want to entertain this holiday weekend but don’t have a ton of time to prep, then an ice cream social is the way to go. What better way to say goodbye to summer than with a bowl full of ice cream and friends. I suggest doing it outside, so you are not worried about the mess or sticky fingers. And lots of wipes on hand!

Head to the ballpark. // Go Royals! We love our KC royals and games are always so fun! Take the kiddos and go on a  date night or with your girlfriends!

Host an old fashioned-game night//

This is our favorite thing to do when we are spending the weekends with family. It’s a great way to get some family bonding time in before busy school year schedules take over.

What are some of your favorite things to do over Labor Day Weekend?

Becky xx

Photography by Rachel Rigler. 

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  1. I’m head over heels in love with your Instagram feed and blog – it is good stuff! I couldn’ t help but notice the fabulous picnic basket and cool wine/utensil (??) holder that is holding flowers. Would you mind sharing your sources? Thanks so much! p.s. I just ordered a load of stuff from PB & UO thanks to your fab feed!