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Greyson’s Sleep Schedule

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I didn’t plan on putting Greyson on a schedule until he was around 8 weeks, however he naturally fell into a schedule around 5 weeks with PDF (parent directed feedings) and started sleeping through the night at 5-6 weeks. So many of you asked for a detailed schedule after this post, so today I will share what I did from week 3 until now (Greyson is 9 weeks).






I used the Babywise schedule for Sutton knew I wanted to do the same with Greyson. I don’t remember having her on a schedule as early as I did Greyson. That was probably due to being a new mom and just trying to survive and get the hang of things the first couple months. I like the predictability of a schedule, knowing when his next feeding will need to be, how long he naps, and I believe this sets them up for good sleep habits from the start.

Weeks 0-2

*I want to note that Greyson is exclusively breastfeeding.

With Greyson, right from the start, I would wake him every 3 hours to feed and at night I would wake every 4 hours. This was for the first two weeks. I also try to start the day (his first feeding) around the same time every day.

So that 3 hour window consists of me waking him (or him waking) and feeding right after he wakes. Then a short wake/play time, then down for nap. So typically it was around 45 mins of feeding-with burping, feeding both sides and changing diaper. Then about 15 mins of wake time, then down for a nap for around 2 hours. Times may vary depending on time of day.

After his first doctor appointment, the doctor told us since he was heathy and gaining more than enough weight we could extend the night sleep longer if he was able to.

Weeks 3-5

During the day, wake to feed every 3 hours. If he would wake sooner, like at the 2.5 hour mark and seemed hungry, I would feed him. Some naps I may go a bit longer than 3, especially if he woke early one nap. For example, if he woke early like after 2 or 2.5 hours, then the next nap I will let him go 3.5 hours. I have learned not be to so rigid on the schedule as I was with Sutton. If he wakes early bc he is hungry then I feed him, and then try to stretch it longer on a another nap. At Nighttime I woke him after 6 hours to eat, and sometimes he would wake himself, then back to bed till hist first morning feeding.

Around week 4 I started to “cluster feed” in the evening. This is when Greyson is most fussy and I just feed him a ton before bed to get him really full for the night time. This can range from feedings every 1-2 hours from 6-10pm.

Weeks 5-7

Same schedule during the day for every 3 hour feedings. His sleeping through the night started to stretch longer to around 6-7 hours.

Cluster feedings from 7-10pm every 1 -2 hours

Weeks 8-now

Still doing the 3 hour feeding schedule during the day and at night he sleeps 8-9 hours depending on when I get him down.

Here is an example of my day (by no means does this fall on the dot every minute) it varies day to day by 30 minutes or so.

7:30 -wake Greyson for first feeding

8:00 change diaper /wake time

8:30 nap

10:30 Feed (2nd feeding)

11:00 Change diaper/wake/play time

11:30 Down for nap

1:30 (3rd feeding)

2:00 change diaper/wake time

2:30 Down for nap

4:30 (4th feeding)

5:00 change diaper/wake time

5:30 Nap (shorter nap, seems to be more fussy in the evening)

7:00 (5th feeding)

7:30 Down for short nap

8:00 pm (6th feeding)

8:30 down for short nap (sometimes won’t nap)

9:oo (7th feeding)

9:30 bathtime

10pm (8th feeding)  no wake or play time after this feeding and down for the night.

*I will pump at 11pm and again in the morning after his first feeding to keep my supply up.

*Make sure to get full feedings every time time your baby eats. Do everything you can to keep your baby awake. I will change Grey’s diaper in between feedings on each side to wake him. I will tickle his feet and talk to him also.

*I think it is important to put your baby down SLEEPY, but not asleep, so they learn how to fall asleep on their own and soothe themselves to sleep. Soothing themselves is especially important for when they wake up before a nap or sleeptime is over. Greyson tends to do this and will fall back asleep after a short cry. As they get older you will appreciate this more and more.

*Every baby is different, don’t be too hard on yourself about schedules. Greyson seemed to fall naturally into the 3 hour feedings during the day. Sutton did not do that right away. Every baby is different!

*Greyson sleeps in a swaddle for almost every nap and at night, unless we are not at home. I have the room dark and a sound machine on.

*As far as night sleeping, alway consult with your pediatrician before extending to longer periods.

A few baby books I read were Happiest Baby on the Block and Babywise.

Any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!



N E W  M O M  F A V O R I T E S



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  1. How long did you use this schedule for? Until 7 months update? Xoxo thank you so much for this schedule!! It has helped a tonssss

  2. Hi! I am expecting my first in January and am so glad that I found your blog! Where is that adorable bear floor pillow/sleeper from?



  3. Thanks for the helpful info! During weeks 3-5, when you cluster fed every 1-2 hours from 6:00-10:00, did you keep him awake for that entire 4 hours? I can see putting my little guy down if there is a 2 hour period, but I’m thinking it wouldn’t be possible if the feedings were every hour. What worked for you? Thanks!!!

  4. Thank you so much for this post. I’m a STM and sprang for the Snoo too. Best. Thing. Ever. My son is 1 month old and I’ve gone back to Baby Wise per your suggestion. Seems to be working as he wakes only once at around 3am. I know routines are important, so my question is, do you do bathtime every single night?

    • That’s awesome, mama! I remember doing a bath every night with Sutton (our first) but with Greyson we bathe him every other night. 🙂

  5. We have the Snoo as well and have had my baby girl I it since she was 1 week old. She’s 4 weeks old now and eats every 3 hours. I’m formula feeding and she’s taking 4.5oz per feed. My question is how did you get your lil one sleeping longer stretches at night before you began cluster feeding? My baby wakes every 3 hours at night to eat, sometimes every 3.5 if I let her fuss around in the Snoo. I know you’re breastfeeding and pumping, but do you have an idea how much your lil one Is eating at every feed? I’d like to start cluster feeding if it will get her sleeping longer at might. I just don’t think I could get her to eat 4.5 oz every hour from 7-10pm. That’s seems like a lot for a baby tummy to handle. Also, do you put your lil one down in to Snoo awake but showing signs of sleep (yawning, rubbing eyes, etc.) or when he’s doing that sleepy daze/smiley off an on that NB do? Last one, do you ever pick up baby once you’ve put him down if he’s still fussing or do you let Snoo take a few rounds through the different stages a couple times? Thanks in advance for your help!

    • That’s the thing with breastfeeding. I don’t know how much he gets. I am pretty sure he isn’t getting 4.5 oz when he cluster feeds. During that evening stretch with cluster feeds, he doesn’t really nap, aside from a cat nap here or there. As far as when I put him down, I get him pretty sleepy, to the point his eyes are heavy. then we will fuss again for a little when I put him in, I use the bink to settle if needed.
      I do pick him up after the snoo stops and he won’t settle. I will try to get him back down and put him back in the snoo or finish the nap in my arms if needed. Hope this helps mama!! xx

  6. Love this post! I have a little boy arriving in October and I’m wondering if you’ve liked any breast feeding books? Thanks!

  7. Looking forward to your review of the SNOO – strongly considering it – would love your thoughts!

    • Awesome! I will be sharing details on it in the next couple weeks! Thanks for stopping by and reading! xo

  8. Hi! My baby is 12 weeks so it’s been so fun following along with you guys! We are also doing Babywise but are having trouble with sleeping through the night- he finds it hard to settle once he wakes in the middle of the night, but has not needed a middle of the night feed for 2 weeks. Wondering if Cluster feeding will help us. How do you fit in so many feedings at the end of the night without feeding to sleep at the initial bedtime or are you dreamfeeding? Do you do full feedings each of those feedings every hour?

  9. Thanks for this! Where do you put him to sleep? Is he in a bassinet in your room, or own room..? thanks!

    • He sleeps in his bassinet in my room by the bed! Thank you for reading! xx

  10. What do you do on days visitors come or when you have something going on? I find it hard to stick to a schedule when there are distractions throughout the day

    • I agree, it is hard. I find this especially on the weekends when we want to do things. I try to plan things in the evening, when Grey is most fussy and just place him in his car seat or use a baby carrier for naps. However, I try my best to stick to it and plan things around his schedule. My motto is… a well slept baby makes for a happy baby. xx

  11. Our schedule is almost exactly the same. Sometimes though he’ll want to eat between 10pm-12am and wakes up between 6-730am. He’s 11 weeks now so I know our babies are pretty close in age. My question is do you always wake him up or do you let him wake up by himself? If so what’s the reason?

    • I do wake him for his first feeding, so I start his day around the same time everyday. Then my schedule is pretty much the same every day. Most naps he wakes right around the 3 hour mark, if he doesnt, I will let him go until 3.5 sometimes. I do that so he gets in 8 feedings a day, which is recommended for his age.

  12. What app do you use to keep track of your breast feeding? I am due in a few weeks and I’m a first time mom. Your posts have been really helpful! Thanks!!

  13. Do you put him down with a pacifier? The only way I can put him down awake and calm is to have a pacifier but I know its just as bad as putting them down asleep because when they wake the pacifier has fallen out!

    • I do use a pacifier about half the time. He usually will stay asleep, even if it comes out, which may change when he gets a little older. I use it to try and get him back to sleep if he wakes.