34 Week Update

January 23, 2017


You guys. Second pregnancies are no joke. I am feeling huge now. This belly is giant and I feel like my booty is competing for attention. I am still staying positive with little over a month to go and the fact baby boy is healthy.

How Far Along: 34 weeks
Size of baby: Baby is the size of a cantaloupe (19 inches, 4.8 lbs)
Doctor Visit: My belly has been measuring small so I have been getting ultrasounds every visit and every time, baby boy is healthy. It is nice to get to see him every time. This past visit, he was wiggling and had the hiccups.


I’ve been living in these long-sleeve tees. They’re non-maternity and fit perfectly. They are long in the back and run big enough that I can miraculously still get away with wearing a small. I know I’ll love them afterwards, too.

Joggers have been my best friend. I own this pair in all colors and just got this blush pink pair and they are super soft and under $30.


I just got over a horrible sinus infection a couple weeks ago and now I am sick again with a horrible head cold. It’s so hard not taking anything. Aside from that, feeling pretty good. Still hitting my fusion classes 5 times a week.


Lots of water, flavored is my favorite. Fruit gummies and fruit snacks which is not normal, I usually prefer chocolate.

Favorite moment this past week.

We took maternity photos (sneak peek here) and Michael and Sutton stopped by the last hour to shoot with me and Sutton was in the best mood EVER. You never know what you will get with a 2-year and she ended up doing so well. She had so much fun; we had her favorite music playing, and she was dancing and running around. When it was time for Michael and I to take some pics together, Sutton would run up to us and want to be held and then she would push our heads together so we would kiss. Sutton loves our photographer so that always makes it easy.

Looking forward to.

The moment Sutton gets to meet her baby brother. She already asks about him often. I tell her to lean her head on my belly so she can feel him kick and I push out my belly and she thinks it’s the funniest thing ever!


F A V O R I T E  J O G G E R S  &  S L O U C H Y  S W E A T E R  F O R  N O W  &  A F T E R  B A B Y

L A T E S T  B A B Y  &  N U R S E R Y  F I N D S

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  1. Love the cozy look. I’m also pregnant and look to you for maternity wear inspo! Have you bought baby boy and clothes yet? Just curious if you could share.