Smart Fridge

July 10, 2016

Sharing something a little different for today’s blog post. Sort of like a “what’s in my purse” but instead… “what’s in my fridge” and how I organize my new Samsung Smart Fridge with Family Hub.
One of the great things about recently getting a new fridge is the was it gave me a chance to purge so much out! We had so many old condiments and stuff we weren’t using or was expired. The new fridge gave me the opportunity to organize our foods better than we have before.
Upper Shelves: Leftovers, milk, and ready to eat food (like cheese & dips) 
Lower Shelves: Lettuce, fruit, and eggs -we buy these items in bulk and I like having the space on this shelf to store the containers. 
Door: Since the refrigerator door is the warmest part of the fridge, only condiments should be placed here. By the way, we are the king and queen of condiments. Every time we go to the store we come home with at least 2 new condiments. 
Drawers: I use one drawer for all my shredded cheese, cheese sticks, tortillas, and lunch meat. My other drawer I use for my crisp veggies and salad mixes.  

Our Samsung Smart Fridge a flex zone section, where the bottom-right door can be a fridge or a freezer. It is so nice to have that extra space for not only fresh food, but also beverages. I use the drawers to store extra food. And I love having this dedicated area for beverages…feels so organized!
The freezer (bottom-left door) I store all of our breakfast pancakes and waffles in the top drawer since we use that the most. The bottom freezer drawer stores our steaks, fish, ground turkey, frozen pizza, and frozen veggies.
The freezer side door is great for quick grabs like Sutton’s teething toys, ice packs, frozen fruit (also for her teething), my frozen lunch meals, and fudge bars. 
Our food management (aka grocery shopping) has gotten so much better with the Samsung Smart Fridge. The 3 built-in cameras that are accessible from our phones have made shopping a lot easier. I can pull up our fridge view when I am at the store to see what we are out of. Another great feature is being able to shop from the fridge (via Mastercard), pull recipes (from All Recipes) and leave sticky notes (Michael’s favorite).
I have gotten so many questions on our smart fridge, and to be honest I am still learning all the amazing features! I have linked them all here. Ours is from Nebraska Furniture Mart and this is the only place I will purchase appliances from. The Mart is known for their customer service and attention to detail delivery service. Items always arrive so fast. 

As always, thanks for reading!
Becky xx

In collaboration with Nebraska Furniture Mart.