Mommy Daughter Moments

July 12, 2016


My Dress here // Sutton’s look by Milapinou Headband Beck & Belle Sandls by Donjse
I am so excited to be finally sharing our mommy daughter shoot. It is by far one of my favorite shoots to date. The moments captured will be ones I can remember and cherish forever. I am so grateful for Allison Corrin, the amazing (local KC) photographer, who captured this all. She is such an amazing talent and she was the one with the vision/idea and I am so glad we were able to connect. Allison, is a mother of 5 so needless to say she was beyond patient and helpful with Sutton. 
Sutton loves flowers and waterfalls so this was the perfect setting. We had so much fun chasing butterflies, smelling flowers, and watching the fishies swim. The perfect place to capture some mother daughter moments. 
It’s crazy that Sutton will be turning two this month. How has it almost been TWO YEARS since the day I first held her in my arms? She has grown into such a bright, beautiful, and strong willed little girl. She teaches me so much about myself everyday and I am so grateful for her. 
Becky xx 
A big thanks to Allison Corrin Photography for capturing these lifetime memories. 
Check out all her amazing work here and her instagram here

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  1. What a gorgeous shoot! So special to have these memories captured to cherish forever. By the way, is Sutton trying to drink the water in the one image? So adorable!