Jun 23

My Kitchen & Samsung Smart Fridge

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The fridge plays a slide show of our family photos. 
Accessing my grocery list on my app.
Helping me make a grocery list. 
Sutton loves the drawing board. 
View inside your fridge from your phone. 

Samsung Smart Fridge with Family Hub provided by Nebraska Furniture Mart. 

Have you guys seen those darling Samsung commercials with Kristen Bell and Dax Sheppard? First, I think they are the cutest couple. Second, I was totally intrigued by the new Samsung fridge in one of the commercials. With moving into our new house, it was perfect timing to get a new fridge and I was attracted to this particular fridge because of the many family friendly features. We have had the fridge for a couple months now and I am sooo glad we got this one!! Today I am sharing some of my favorite features of the Samsung Flex Refrigerator with Family Hub.
First, it is divided into 3 separate areas: fridge, freezer, and flex zone. This flex zone can be used as fridge or a freezer! We use it as our beverage fridge. It has a wine rack and works perfect for our sodas and waters. We have a deep freeze in the garage, so I don’t need or want a lot of freezer space in the house and I love having a separate area for beverages.
My favorite feature has to be the Family Hub. This is amazing – and kind of crazy that your fridge can have all this technology! It has a shared calendar and, with Michael traveling weekly for his job, has become a huge tool for us in staying organized. He often leaves us notes on the touch screen note pad when he leaves for the day. The Hub also has a built in blue tooth speaker! I love to turn on tunes when I am cooking and Sutton loves to dance! Also, our family photos are always on play – gone are the need to clutter my fridge with snap shots…the photo sharing plays the photos for us. 
One big thing I have noticed is the lack of finger prints! Our first stainless fridge had Sutton’s messy hand prints all over it and I could never seem to keep it clean. This fridge has a special coating to help eliminate fingerprints and smudges – genius!!
The shopping list is my favorite feature. I can create a grocery list right on the fridge, and then the list can be accessed on our Samsung app so if Michael is running to the store quick he can always check the app to see what we need. The app also allows you to see exactly what is in your fridge with the built in cameras. Not sure if you need milk at home? This refrigerator can tell you. Just pull up your Samsung app and take a look in your fridge. The camera can track when you last bought specific items in case you were wondering when you bought that no-longer fresh produce.

When it comes to appliances or big furniture purchases our first place we shop is Nebraska Furniture Mart. With locations in Omaha, Kansas City, Des Moines, Dallas and online store, they have the largest selection of home furnishings and majority are in stock and can be delivered within a week (or less) of ordering.  This is where all of my appliances I have ever purchased are from. They have long-term (interest-free) financing which is so nice when you are making these big purchases. The delivery process is painless. You set your delivery date and day of they call before and give you a 2 hour window of when to expect the delivery. The delivery guys are always so friendly and professional. When they brought the Samsung fridge, they not only installed our fridge with the water hook-up, they moved our old fridge out into our garage. It all took less than 15 minutes! 
I love how the new Samsung Smart Fridge looks in our new kitchen. So sleek and blends right with with all the clean lines. I shared a few pictures of the new kitchen since I have yet to on here. More to come on that! Stay tuned for another post on how I organize with our Samsung Smart Fridge! Tell me some of your tips or questions and I will be happy to answer and share on my next kitchen post!  
Becky xx

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  1. I would love to know where your backsplash was purchased. I have looked at similar and lean not find a good visual of the cream color with white grout but yours is beautiful

  2. I love your kitchen? Can you tell me about your countertop and backsplash? What product are they? What color? Thank you so much.

  3. I absolutely love your kitchen, especially your backsplash. Where did you get your backsplash? What is it called, color etc.? I am building a home and this is the first backsplash that has really stood out to me. Thanks!

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