Fives on Friday

February 19, 2016

TGIF! Sharing my “Fives on Friday” where I share five things on my mind and 5 favorite finds of the week. 
5 Things on my mind.
1. For all you moms out there, I have been meaning to wean Sutton off her pacifier but I am dreading it. She only has it during naps and at night. I wanted to do it originally at 18 months, but Sutton went thru a sleep regression and was waking early so I waited to do it. She is now over the sleep regression but I AM SO SCARED. Moms any advice??
2. In keeping with the mom theme, how many of you mom’s have a hard time balancing work and baby? I am thinking about doing a post sharing my thoughts on this…
3. I am wanting to try new easy healthy recipes for dinner. Any suggestions? I have been pinning a ton of recipes and keep telling myself I am going to make one of these. 
4. Speaking of healthy eating. I promise I will share my diet (as in what I eat) on here soon! 
5. I am thinking about starting a youtube channel. There are some things that are shown or explained better via video. 
5 Favorite Finds of the week
1. These lace-up flats arrived on my doorstep yesterday. Obsessed. They will sell out so fast. Get them before they are gone, come in pale pink too! 
2. Off-the-shoulder is one of my favorite styles and just ordered this white Free People blouse. It is so flattering and versatile. 
3. Looking for the perfect striped tee…? Look no further. This one is super soft, is the perfect fit and I love the color! Layers lovely under a cardi or leather coat. 
4. Some major markdowns happening on winter wear right now. A few favorites are…
This Tahari Belted Wrap coat is stunning. 
5. Shopping for some new mirrors for my dining room and love these. Lulu & Georgia have a great selection if you are looking.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Stay connected via instagram and snapchat: beccajohh

Becky xx

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  1. Maybe a little harsh but it worked! My husband and I cut her binky and gave it to her to show her it was gone and that was it. She didn't throw a fit or anything. Cold turkey is the best way I think!

  2. Hi – we just weaned our 2 year old son off of his pacifier this past week. I honestly think it was harder for me than for him. We took all of his pacifiers in a bag to toy r us, let him pick out a couple of toys, and left them there in exchange. He's asked for it a few times but, I keep reminding him we "donated" them to the toy store. I think he gets it. I hope this helps – good luck. Being a parent is not easy! (but it's the BEST)

  3. I have two kids, my son is now 15 and my daughter is almost 12. My son was very dependent on his pacifier until about 3 1/2. When we were ready to wean him, we threw a little a paci "party" and made a big deal of burying it in the backyard for the paci "fairy". We told him that the fairy needed the fairy for new babies, but she left him a toy behind in exchange. He loved being the center of attention, and it completely made him forget all about the paci. But I agree with the comment above, do what works for you as a parent, don't let others pressure you into decisions that don't feel right. Pacis can be a huge help at times for self-soothing, so she might not be ready just yet.

  4. I took my daughters paci away at 5 months because she was SO dependent on it. I was waking up several times a night just to give it back after she spit it out. So I just took it away cold turkey and we had a couple of rough nights but it was smooth sailing after that. I have a couple of friends with kids Sutton's age who just went through this. One of them took it to the grocery store and let them pick out a toy and told them that they have to pay for the toy with the paci. They handed it to the cashier and never looked back. Sounds crazy but it worked! Another friend cut the nipple off the paci and once her daughter realized she couldn't use it anymore she was fine! It might be a trial & error but you can do it! It always helps me to remember that even if they'll be a few rough days, it won't last forever!

  5. My first boy loved a pacifier. He probably gave it up at about 4.5. (We went down to just at bed times etc but I don't remember when) We are a family of dentists and nobody thought it was a concern..He is ten and has no teeth issues. My advice…do what's best for you and your child and not what society tells you to do. The pacifier allowed us all a better night's sleep and that spoke volumes raising two boys 17 months apart. 🙂 p.s. my younger boy NEVER took a pacifier. He was MUCH more difficult to raise as an infant.