9 Tips for Staying Fit in 2016

December 30, 2015





Being fit and healthy doesn’t mean you need to spend hours a day at the gym and eat nothing but chicken and broccoli. In fact, I would advise you not to do those things. My advice is to incorporate healthy habits that you can live by and enjoy.
Today, I am sharing my habits that keep me healthy and fit all year round. 
1. Exercise even if you only have 15 minutes. A short workout is better than nothing and I always feel better once I do, even if my day is pretty busy. 
2. Mix up your workout routine. I always change it up. This past summer my thing was jogging with my jogger stroller and Sutton along for the ride. Now, I am obsessed with Fusion Fitness classes, which have to be the most challenging fitness classes I have ever been to. They have a fabulous childcare option where I get to take Sutton along with me. Each day it’s a new class focusing on new muscles. 
3. Invest in some nice (fashionable) workout gear. So many reasons I have found why….
Because there is a good chance you’ll have to run to the grocery store afterward or some sort of errand. That is why I love the workout selection at Carbon38. So many adorable, flattering and different workout pieces that you will find yourself mixing in with casual wear. These leggings are so cute and I love throwing on a big cozy long sleeve tee for lazy days or weekends. I already added this darling sports bra, these leggings and this top to my cart. 
Other reasons….
Because it motivates you to get moving. I noticed when I wear a cute workout get up I am motivated to get the class. 
Because you should feel good about working out. Most gyms have mirrors, and you will most liking be looking at your form or yourself at Barre class and you should feel good about what your wearing. 

Good workout clothes makes your butt look better. Proven fact, my husband told me many times.;)

4. Instead of skipping a workout, focus on how good you will feel afterwards. Trust me, there are times all I want to do is curl up on my couch and skip class, but the endorphin high and the list of other benefits, has me on cloud 9 and much worth the effort. 
5. Eat real food. Don’t swear off alcohol, sweets or bread. You’ll be miserable. Just remember everything in moderation. (Diet and favorite healthy drinks coming to the blog soon!) 
6. Keep weeknight drinking to a minimum. This is an important one. You would be surprised how many empty calories you consume, have a couple glasses of wine each night. As good as it sounds after a long day, I try to hold it to one glass or for the weekend. 
7. Workout from home if you can’t get to gym. There is no excuse nowadays with the plethora of youtube workout videos. I LOVE the Tone it Up gals and their videos. A couple other favorite channels are FitnessBlender and Blogilates
8. Focus on how you want to feel rather than how you want to look. Working out leads to increased energy, better moods and better sleep. Do it for your inner body rather than outer and the outer will naturally follow. 
9. Get Sleep. I know this can be hard (moms) but focus on getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep. This is very important! 
I truly believe and live by these tips. I hope this helps get you ready for great goals in 2016! Feel free to comment with any questions! 
Becky xx

A big thanks to Carbon 38 for sponsoring this post! 

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