Matilda Jane x Sutton Jane

September 20, 2015

Sutton’s Dress by Matilda Jane here // Shoes by // Bow by Beck & Belle here // 

Sutton Jane….
14 months
Talking (says Da Da, Ma Ma & Daisy)
Favorite foods -eggs, blueberry wheat waffles, ravioli, and strawberries
Loves- reading books, lot of reading! playing outside, riding in her convertible, helping mom water flowers, and playing tag or getting chased
Give hugs & kisses and it’s the best thing ever
Teeth-has her bottom two, and top 4.
Is a sassy little thing, takes after her dad!

Every time I am editing photos of Sutton, I find myself liking every single photo and not eliminating any, so I apologize for the obsessive amount of photos today, I just think she is the cutest! Sutton is such a busy bee nowadays, literally non-stop walking and getting into everything. Sutton loves to be outdoors and as much as she gets into I still want to dress her up all cute. I absolutely adore the children’s clothing collection at Matilda Jane. My sister dressed her baby girl in one of the Matilda Jane dresses and the second I saw the cute details and pattern I had to have one for Sutton. This dress Sutton is wearing has a matching doll set which is so adorable. Once Sutton saw me putting her baby doll in the matching dress, she carried her around all day it was the cutest! I wanted to let all you mamas know, right now Matilda Jane is giving this darling two-piece doll set away for free with any $150 order! See all the details below! Have a great rest of the weekend!!
Becky xx