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September 17, 2015

Greetings, my friends! I hope you are all having a good week! My sister was recently at my house and noticed my cute soaps and it got us talking about what we use in our homes. 

Many times you find a product that you like and you continue you get over and over again. That is how I am with my method soaps – always bought the Sweet Water and Waterfall! I would buy those 2 for my entire house until recently, when I discovered the new line of Nourishing Hand Washes. I figured, with as much as I wash my hands during the day, they deserve to get some TLC while getting business done, right?! And I am so glad I made the change! I am not great about putting lotion on after washing my hands, and I feel like using this nourishing wash does the job of the lotion for me! Plus, I love using this product when teaching Sutton to wash her hands. Bonus – they look super cute around the house. I love Methods sleek packaging and pretty patterns.  After treating myself to the hand wash, I upgraded my dish soap and body wash as well!! The dish soap is in a pump which is so convenient to have it sitting right next to my sink for frequent washes. And can we talk about body wash. It smells amazing! As a mom with little time to myself, let along a shower, its nice for that few minutes alone to feel luxurious, and relax. It’s my treat to the end of a long day of chasing after Sutton and juggling working from home. Somedays, its the little things 😉 

This post is in partnership with method.  Thanks for supporting the brands that support Cella Jane! 

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