Summertime with Sutton Jane

August 16, 2015

My swimsuit by Roxy here // Hat here // Wildfox Sunglasses here

Sutton’s swimsuit by SwimZip here 
If you follow me on instagram or snapchat then you know that Sutton and I make it to the pool at least several times a week. I love our neighborhood pool, it has so many fun play options for Sutton. She loves the water and it’s a nice for us to get out of the house. I feel like the days we spend at the pool she eats and sleeps better. 
This Roxy swimsuit is one of my favorites for pool days with Sutton. Not only is the print super cute, but I love the style. I feel comfortable and covered and the top is great because Sutton can’t pull it off or cause any wardrobe malfunctions, like she can with my other style suits. 
I wanted to share some quick tips when going to a pool with baby that have worked well for us.
1. Don’t forget sunblock! Duh! This seems like a no brainer but when you are trying to get out the door with a baby, you sometimes forget. I have a big straw beach tote where I keep sunblock, extra swim diapers, our towels, and her toys. I always keep those in there. I have other sunblock bottle for the home and in the car. 
We love Babyganics sunscreen here
(Note: if you baby is under 6 months old check with you pediatrician to see if it is okay to use baby sunblock.)
2.  Swim diapers. You can use re-usable or disposable. We started using re-usable, they do hold in more if baby goes #2 which that has yet to happen for Sutton. The disposable ones won’t hold in #1 or  #2 like regular diapers. The main point of swim diapers are so they don’t swell like regular diapers. 
3. Swim toys-Sutton LOVES her swim toys. These keep her occupied for quite awhile. We sit at the zero entry and fountains and she will play for quite awhile. We had to buy a couple sets because she loves them for bath time too. 
4. Floaties – Sutton likes this swim float. Some days she absolutely loves it and other days not so much. It is just nice to have that option if she wants it. 
5. Snacks-I always pack a snack for Sutton. She works up such a appetite and it’s nice to have a little break because she will sit on her towel and eat them. I love these snack cups because they don’t spill and she can’t grab the entire cupful. 
Thanks to Roxy for sponsoring this post!