My Favorite Baby Gear & Essentials

May 3, 2015

Sutton is already 9 months old! Crazy to think we have survived thus far! 😉 So today I am sharing our favorite and most-used baby essentials in our home. 
1) BabyZen Yoyo Stroller – This stroller is quite amazing. If your family loves to travel then this is the stroller you need. This stroller  is the first that folds down small enough to fit in an overhead bin on an airplane.  You can unfold this stroller with one arm, while baby is in the other. It’s compact, and the most lightweight stroller out there. It turns very easy and Sutton seems to love it. The backrest is reversible, it has a carry strap, rain cover, travel bag, and under seat storage basket. When we travel to our parents we love to take this stroller, since it folds up so small and leaves more room for packing everything else we need to take with in our car.
2) 4moms Breeze Pack n Play – We have used a couple different pack-n-plays and the 4moms Breeze by far exceeds the others. The pack-n-play comes with it’s own carrying bag for easy travel trandsport. We love the black design (with blue interior mats) makes it look chic and not cheesy like a lot of children’s products can look like. It is very well made, and very sturdy when Sutton is playing in it. The bottom padding is soft enough for napping. To assemble and take down is a breeze literally I can do it with one hand and Sutton in my other arm. I also use for times when I am trying to get some housework done and need Sutton confined to one area for a little bit, without crawling everywhere and getting into stuff. This also promotes good independent play time. 
3) 4moms Bath Sprout Cover -This is my husband’s favorite, since he’s the one giving Sutton her bath most nights. The Sprout Cover reads the water temperature for you as soon as the water starts running and tells you what if you need to adjust the temp.  It lights up and is color coded, blue when it’s too cold… green when it’s perfect… red (and beeps!) when it’s too hot and automatically shuts off when you’re done. It fits our faucet great and stays put to protect Sutton from bumping her head. We use this every single day and it saves us so much time and hassle! 
4 ) Cinda B Weekend Bag: This bag is great for when we are traveling back to our parents for the weekend or taking Sutton on a trip. We can fit so much and I love the cute print and color.
5) Baby disenfectant wipes & table toppers: I use these every time we go out to eat. I wipe down and disinfect the highchair with the wipes because they are always so dirty! I use the table topper to protect Sutton from all the germy tables. We place her finger foods on the disposable mat so she can eat with us. 
6) WubbaNub Pacifiers – All moms would agree with me when I say that pacifiers always seem to disappear into thin air, epescially when you need them most. The Wubbanub solves that problem! With the cute little stuffed animal at the end ensures that you never lose it. Plus it’s entertaining for babies and calms then to have something to hold on to. 
7) Favorite Baby Shoes – Freshly Picked Moccs and Robeez are the only shoes that will stay on Sutton’s fee otherwise she kicks them right off! Some of my favorite styles are the gold FP moccs and the Robeez Espadrilles. 
8) Gap One-Pieces: I love Gap Kids, they always have the cutest stuff! Our favorite outfits for Sutton are the one-pieces. They are darling on Sutton, show off her chubby thighs and you don’t have to worry about finding matching bottom and top.
9) ERGO Baby carrier: This is another item I use daily. Sometimes when we are on walks or when we are out Sutton gets tired of being in the stroller so I always bring the carrier for a backup. She LOVES being in her carrier. When she was a baby we used the Solly Baby wrap and now that she is older we love the ERGO baby carrier and the Baby Bjorn.
Baby Bjorn // Sutton wearing Freshly Picked Moccs
10) Dropcam Wireless Wi-Fi Video Monitor:  We got this video monitor, after a recommendation from my sister and I am so glad we got this. This monitor is internet-based, making it accessible via computer, iPad, tablet and smartphone. With Michael traveling often, he loves to be able to pull up video from wherever he is and able to see Sutton. The cool thing is, it has two-way audio, so he can talk to Sutton and hear everything she is saying (baby talk). It also has movement and sound detection alerts that you can set on your phone or iPad to notify you when baby is awake or crying. The video is high quality which comes with night vision and zoom. Plus, there is cloud video recording so you can see cute clips of baby or save certain moments. This is also a great monitor to have for peace of mind when you leave your child with a babysitter. I love the fact if we are gone and we have a sitter or grandparent watching Sutton, I don’t have to text them a billion times asking if Sutton is napping or how longed she napped, I just check the dropcam. 

Sutton wearing Robeez
11) Orbit Carseat & Stroller -We absolutely love our Orbit G3 carseat and stroller. First off I feel like the car seat is constructed like armor to protect a baby in a vehicle. The design is revolutionary and sleek and everyone stops me to comment on the carseat. I love that the car seat rotates so you can put the baby in facing you and then have them facing the rest of the care once the sear is on  the base. It makes geeing in and out of the tight back seat a breeze. I just turn the seat facing me and grab it by the side handles and lift out. So much easier on my back. The care seat much be used rear facing and the base will indicate a red color to show you it is incorrect, and full black when you are good to go. The canopy includes a built in “paparzaai” sheild that fully covers your child. It’s great to have especially during sunny days when the sun is coming in through the rear. I can pull the sade over, and block some sun out of Sutton’s face while I am driving. It’s also great for when it’s windy, rainy or snowing outside.
When paired with the stroller, it’s even better. It is a bit pricey, but it is the best there is. You can move your baby in and out of the car without every waking her. You can actually go from the car, to the stroller, to bed (if you get a rocker) all without ever taking the baby out of the carseat. I am using the G3 stroller frame, and it installs in the frame smoothly. I get a lot of compliments when I use it and enjoy when Sutton is awake, I can have her face forward to people watch and when I need to see her, I can rotate her to see her when I am strolling.  My girl, Sutton, is currently 9 months and fits in the baby car sear fine. The weight limit is 30 pounds and the height is 32 inches. Sutton is 20 pounds and at her next doctor’s appt I am going to see if it is time to move her to the Orbit Toddler Car Seat. You will get a good long use out this infant car seat because it has a higher weight and height limit than most car seats. The handle is soft and allows you to carry the car sear on your arms like a basket. It is designed to be carried on your forearm. Ok enough ranting on the Orbit, I just love this car seat and the entire Orbit Baby G3 line, and would highly recommend it to any new parent out there.
Please email me or connect on instagram with any questions you have on any of these items! I am no baby expert by any means, just sharing what we love as a family. 
As always, thanks for taking the time and stopping by. Love you guys! 

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  1. Thanks for the link up to Baby Bump Bundle – we heart the wubs too . LOVE the pic of Sutton with soapy suds on her cute little head ha too adorable !! Great round up !