February 13, 2015

So I am kinda obsessed with this Wildfox sparkle heart sweatshirt. Perfect timing for Valentine’s Day. If you have ever owned a Wildfox ‘jumper’ then you know how ridiculously soft they are. The second you feel the fabric you’re sold. I just bought this cute one and am sharing a bunch of my favorites below. 
If you can make out the balloons they are a big X and O. I had so many great ideas for Sutton’s valentine pictures and let’s just say nothing turned out. The day we took these photos, Sutton had an adorable Valentine themed outfit on and… well she had a blowout, so that outfit did not make the pictures. Then when we actually did get out to shoot the pictures, which was a random spot in the first place,  she had another blowout right before we took these pictures. Can you tell by the way I am holding her? Trying to avoid the mess or and we got mud everywhere. Motherhood, I tell ya, nothing goes as planned;)
I hope you all are spending Valentine’s weekend with the ones you love. My sister is visiting with her kids and husband and I am so excited. We don’t get to see them as much since we moved. Sutton is going to have so much fun with her cousins. I am sure I will be sharing some snaps on them on snapchat. Follow along if you wish! (beccajohh)
As always you guys are so awesome for reading and supporting my blog. I love each and everyone one of you! xoxo 

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