Home Sweet Home

January 15, 2015

We have been in our new home a little over a month. Moving over the holidays, to a new city and with a 5 month old baby was a little overwhelming to say the least. Trying to get settled and unpacked in the house has been quite the task and has yet to be completed. My main priority was making our new home, feel like a home, not just a house. And one thing that always makes me feel at home is burning scented candles.  I literally have to have a burning candle in every room of the house. I just recently got Red Brick candles – the entire Loft collection and LOVE the scents. During the day I love to burn no. 2 (spicy cinnamon bark with hints of orange zest, clove and nutmeg) so cozy and the cinnamon scent fills the whole room. In the evening, I love to burn no. 3 (lush purple and white lilac coupled with jasmine and sweet vanilla) a soothing and calming scent. What’s even better is that they last forever! Over 70 hours of burn time! My husband loved that, means I am buying less! These Red Brick candles would make great gifts for any occasion. I plan on giving one to some new neighbors that just moved in down the street. I know they will love it just as much as I do. 

Thanks to Red Brick Candle for sponsoring this post. All opinions remain my own!