Jan 30

All About Miss Sutton Jane & Giveaway with Baby Aspen

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{Baby Aspen Princess Robe -find out below how to enter to win a robe from Baby Aspen}
Some days you just wanna feel like a princess. I mean who doesn’t love a little girl dressed up like a princess. I about died when we got this princess robe in the mail for Sutton. It is absolutely adorable! 
Sutton LOVES her baths. It is the one thing I know will calm her down if she is fussy. We give her a bath every night and she always does something new and funny that has Michael and I laughing. 

Party in the front and bald in the back;) I keep brushing her bald spot to stimulate more hair grow, even thou part of me just adores it. 
And these thighs, I squeeze and tickle all the time. 
Baby Aspen Princess Layette Set 
Sutton doesn’t last long on her belly, she is constantly rolling over. She can be so sneaky about it to. I turn my head for one second and she’s on her back. 
She loves the camera, as you can see. Which makes it super easy for me to capture her smiles and cute poses. 

Some days she can be so talkative and others not so much. I love her baby talk, especially when she is talking to herself, it’s the cutest. 
Every day is something new with this baby girl and I want to remember every single moment. 
Sutton Jane 27 weeks
Baby Aspen (the most adorable site for baby gifts) is giving one Cella Jane reader a baby robe! Have you seen their entire baby robe collection!?  The shark robe is so adorable comes in pink or blue! To enter for your chance to win one hop on over to my instagram to enter! 
Hope you all have a great weekend! As always, I appreciate each and everyone of you who follows along! Love you guys! 

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