HOW TO: Victoria Secret Model Runway Inspired Curls

December 9, 2014

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want hair that looks like it’s straight off the runway from the Victoria Secret Show? In honor of the runway show this evening, I am sharing how-to create their look. The Victoria Secret Model style is a more lived-in, beach-wave curl that is natural looking and not too done like you are going to the prom or wedding. It’s pretty simple. I hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: Pick your part. Typically the models part in the middle. I prefer the side part. It really doesn’t matter.
Step 2: Use a wand or clipless curling iron. The wand allows you to do the wrap curl which gives you a more natural (super model) wave. Plus whenever I curl with the wand, my curls last way longer. Up to three days!
  *Side note: if this is your first time using the wand, I suggest using the glove that comes with the iron to protect you from burning your hand. The wrap is a technique that takes time to get use to and I remember burning myself numerous times before I go the hand of it.

If you don’t want a clipless curling iron or wand, just use the barrel of your curling iron!

Begin curling your hair using 1 inch sections and wrapping around the barrel –making sure to curl the sections along your hairline away from your face. 
Important: Allow each curl to cool and ‘set’ aka don’t touch them once you release, this make the curl last longer. I typically finish one side and let set then finish the other, then let that set for at least 4-5 minutes. 

Step 3: After curls have set, run your fingers through the curls and break up the curls to give it a more natural look. Then apply a flexible hold hairspray, so your curls can bounce and look natural.

Let me know how it goes! Any questions, ask me on instagram! I would love to see your look, share your photos on instagram and tag me @cellajaneblog

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