Baby Sutton Jane Newborn Pictures

September 5, 2014

So excited to be sharing Sutton’s newborn pictures. It is crazy how much she has changed already! I am so happy we decided to do these. When scheduling, the photographer suggested we plan it for the Sunday after my due date…my first thought was… this is never going to happen, because I had a feeling I was going to go after my due date, and two, this is way too soon to even try to leave the house with a newborn. But lo and behold, baby girl came one day before her due date and we successfully pulled off her new born shoot that following Sunday. I have to give all the credit to our amazing photographer, Becky Kelly, who did such an amazing job. I was in awe watching her shape and mold Sutton into poses that seemed impossible. The shoot didn’t start out so smoothly, Sutton did fuss for quite some time and then once we did start shooting, she decided to poop and pee. After that, we had only one more blunder at the end of the shoot, when the photographer put her in a cute tin can full of soft blankets, which Sutton decided to poo in. Oops! 
I also wanted to share Sutton’s birth announcements.  I had such a hard time deciding on what photos to use and with Tiny Prints having such darling baby announcements to choose from, it took this indecisive lady quite awhile to finish this entire task. I ended up choosing foil stamped announcements, which are so darling. Each card is stamped with real gold foil. All layouts can be customized however you like, right down to choosing the color of envelope and design of the envelope liner. I am warning, it can be quite overwhelming, but oh so fun!
As always, thanks so much for supporting Cella Jane and following along! Love you guys!