What to Pack in Your Hospital -Baby Delivery

August 22, 2014

I wanted to share what I packed in my hospital bag when I was having baby girl. Obviously this list is a little different for everyone depending on what you like, but here is what worked for me!
1 // button up pjs -you can wear these as an outfit while you’re in the hospital. Buy some that have a cute design or color and that are button up for easy access to nurse. 
2 // nursing pillow (bobby)- if you plan on nursing you will start nursing right away in the hospital and the pillow helps support the bay. You will feel like you need five hands to nurse so having extra support helps!
3 // nipple cream -this will become your bestfriend when you start nursing and I suggest using it right away so your nipples don’t get sore or cracked. 
4 //  slippers -cozy slippers with rubber soles. You will want to wear around the halls (if you are having to “walk” the baby out or when walking around in your room. I was so glad I brought mine!
5 // electronics & chargers -iphones, iPads, laptops and don’t forget chargers!!
6 // nursing bra-I love this one because its a sports bra and very comfortable
7 // Orbit car seat & blanket obviously you will need your car seat to take baby home in. I suggest practicing by putting a stuffed animal into the car seat and buckling in so you know exactly what you are doing when you actually do buckle baby in. Also a cute blanket to cover her up on the ride home.
9 // nursing tank -again if you plan to nurse this is quite convenient 
10// leggings -I wore leggings the last two days. I liked the comfy, snug fit and it seemed to hold me in well. 
11/ toiletries -this one seems obvious, and even though the hospital provides the basic shampoo and soap, I brought travel size shampoo, condition, body wash, body lotion, etc. The shower after baby feels amazing and it’s worth it to bring these items and feel like you can pamper yourself a bit.
12 // camera & charger -a good camera and charger to capture the special moments
13 // water bottle  – I drank sooooo much water at the hospital. 
14 // fuji film instamix polaroid -we took lots of polaroids of all the special moments along with using a nicer camera. Its nice to have those polaroids for baby books / scrapbooks, etc. 
A couple other items that weren’t on the list:
Outfit for baby to go home in-my suggestions is bring a couple in different sizes. Sutton was so small, nothing really fit her good and she was 7lbs 6oz so it wasn’t like she was below average. 
An extra bag-for all the stuff the hospital gives you to take home and gifts people bring. You will have so much stuff!
Snacks-for your husband while you are going through labor. It may be awhile and he needs to keep his energy up to support you. Also, for after labor, you make not like the hospital food. 
Magazines or baby books-I didn’t think I would have time to read but when I was waiting for my labor to progress, I had wish I had brought things to read. 
Hope this helps! Do share below in the comments if I have missed anything or if there is something that worked well for you!

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