Tips for Staying Active While Pregnant

June 26, 2014

Lately, I have been getting some questions on what I do to stay active while pregnant and today I am happy to share what has worked well for me. 
This week marks my 36th week and I am still fitting in some great workouts to keep my body and mind- happy and healthy.  Being active and working out has always been a priority for me and that never changed when I became pregnant. Throughout this entire pregnancy, I always told myself, the second I don’t feel comfortable or want to workout anymore, I won’t,  and that has yet to happen. 
Plus….there are so many amazing added benefits of exercising regularly while pregnant (that I have read about) including:
-Less unnecessary weight gain
-The extra support of toned muscles means you are less likely to develop stretch marks and bounce back quicker to your pre-baby body (so far so true)
-Better sleep (so far so true)
-Baby head down ready for delivery (baby’s head is down, hope she stays there!)
-Higher energy levels and less nausea (so far the case)
-Prevents common pregnancy-related health issues such as gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, back aches, heartburn, constipation, and bloating (all true, aside from the bloating, how can you not feel bloated!)
-Smoother, quicker, & easier labor and delivery (we will see!)
If that’s not enough reason to stay active, I don’t know what it! Scroll on down to see what workouts I am doing to stay active! 



My typical week – I aim to do 4 days of workouts.
Monday: TurboKick Class-if you haven’t heard or tried this workout its AMAZING! My absolute favorite!! I actually teach the class every once awhile and just taught my last class at 35 weeks! 
Turbo Kick burns up to 800 calories a class and it’s 50 minutes of choreography moves, from dancing, punching, kicking, jumping, you name it! The TBK routine changes every month – so you get to the newest and latest dance music, your body continues to be challenged and your learn new moves that work your muscles differently than the month before. Turbo Kick is high intensity if you want – or low intensity on the days you need to take it easy. Moves can easily be modified. There is an “at-home” version called Turbo Fire, that I hear is just as good. So for something fun, that doesn’t even feel like an hour of cardio, try it out!
Tuesday: 15 minute walk with my dog Daisy + Tone It Up YouTube workout videos -have you heard of Karina and Katrina? They are so motivating and share some awesome toning videos for all parts of your body. As of late I have been doing bikini arms & total body and I love getting outside and doing them. 
*If any ab routines are in the video I skip them, since it is not recommended to do ab exercises while pregnant. 
Wednesday: gym day – I try to mix it up and do 10 minutes of stair stepper, 10 mins of walking, and 10 minutes of stationary bike. 15 minutes of stretching.
Thursday: Either another Turbo Kick session or bike for 20 minutes and then Tone it Up videos.
The most important thing is to listen to your body and what feels ok. If there are a couple days you don’t feel like going to gym, don’t go. Instead get outside for fresh air and take an easy stroll.  

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