Make-up Brushes 101: Bhumi Brushes

April 1, 2014

Make-up has never been my strong suit. Any knowledge I had on applying makeup was taught to me by either my girlfriends or the cute gal behind the M.A.C counter. Applying makeup can be intimidating at times, especially when determining what brushes you should be using. Brushes can also be expensive, so you want to know you are buying the right one. For the longest time I only owned one brush that I would use to apply powder, bronzer and a smaller brush to apply eyeshadow. It was until recently that I became a makeup pro…well lets not go that far. But I do feel like I have learned so much since owning my set of Bhumi brushes and guess what…the brushes taught me! Yes, the Bhumi Brush line is amazing and life changing. Read on to see why…
Bhumi brushes are made with the softest, high-end synthetic fiber that mimics natural hair. That means, no animals were harmed in making the brush. And when I say soft, they are literally the softest brushes I have ever felt.  
 Each brush is labeled so you don’t feel like an idiot when selecting what brushes you need. I have the whole set, so I was introduced to all shapes and sizes for all types of make-up and it has changed the way I apply makeup. The right brushes for the right makeup apply the makeup evenly and correctly, unlike a square sponge or your finger where you can over apply or leave uneven streaks. 
The Powder brush applies powder evenly or brushes off excess powder. All brushes are non-shedding. No more random black brush hairs on your face. 
 I always used my finger to apply foundation, using the Smart foundation brush is so much easier and applies my foundation evenly.
 Filling in my brows are a must! I also use a liner that needs to be applied with a brush and this allows for perfect precision. 
 This brush was huge for me, because I use concealer under my eyes everyday and applying with your finger can tug on your delicate eye skin causing wrinkle. Using this brush provides a gentle application and applies the concealer evenly. 
Another one I use everyday; these brushes are perfect for applying and blending eye shadow. 
Bronzer and blush are a must for me. That’s how I get my glow! 
Cleaning the brushes is SO EASY. You spray on the “Dry Clean” and wipe the brushes and your done! 
Last, but certainly not least, Bhumi is giving all Cella Jane readers a 40% discount! Use code: cellajane40 when checking out to receive discount. Happy shopping! Feel free to comment or email with any questions! 

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  3. Oh I've got to say is one of my least favorite chores is washing my makeup brushes… So great the Dry Clean spray! I'm so excited about this! Thanks for sharing!!