Tuesday Tips: What You’re Doing Wrong While Washing Your Hair

March 25, 2014

Rinse, lather, repeat, right? WRONG. There is a correct way to wash your hair believe or not and it CAN actually affect your hair’s health. 
First off, you do not need to rinse, lather and repeat. Just washing your hair once is good enough. The way you wash your hair is most important. My stylist told me this years ago and I totally follow this rule: “shampoo the scalp and condition the ends.”
What does this mean exactly? When washing your hair, starting shampooing at the scalp and massage your head, this is where all the natural oils are being produced. Allow the suds to work their way down the rest of your hair, which allows for gentle cleansing of your strands that need to maintain the moisture. When conditioning focus on your the mid-length of your hair hair and ends where moisture is needed most. I try to let my conditioner set on hair for a good five minutes. Easy enough right? 

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