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1 ($29)  //  2 ($64)  // 3 ($53) //  4 ($28)
Gorgeous floral and print dresses. 
Chic sweaters perfect for summer and fall.
You can’t help but fall in love with I first came across the site after finding one of their cute graphic tees that was on pinterest. They have some darling stuff on their site at great prices! Today I wanted to share some fun items I have been eyeing over the past couple weeks. Have you visited she What are your favorite picks!? Do share.

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  1. Oh yes… that site is dangerously awesome!! Have you bought from them yet? How was your experience?

  2. Holy cow! I am obsessed with that tribal skirt! And I love that skort too! I've been eyeing the Zara one, but this one is half the price! So glad you found these! 🙂

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