10 Tips to Remember when Using Sunscreen

June 13, 2013

1. Apply first thing! Your sunscreen needs time to start working and this problem is easily solved by applying at home, while getting ready to go to the pool, lake, park, etc. Most sunscreens need around 15-30 minutes to set and be fully absurd into the skin before they are fully effective.

2. Make sure you are using enough! As a general rule you need to be using 1 ounce (30 mL or a shot glass) of sunscreen to 1 application on body. 1 tsp is 5mL and you should be using that amount alone on your face.

3. Don’t forget to apply to your hands! The skin on your hands is just as fragile as the face. Protect those babies, they will show signs of aging just like your face, if you do not protect them.

4. You are exposed to sun when driving, and most of us drive everyday. So use sunblock, even on the colder seasons. Apply on your face, hands, neck and any other area that is exposed.

5. There is no such thing as waterproof sunscreen. A sunscreen may be more water resistant, but you can’t assume that an application of the “sunscreen” stuff will last you through hours at the beach or pool.  So make sure you are reapplying every 2 hours!

6. Sunscreen does expire! They loose their effectiveness after 3 years. So be cautious of using any old sunscreen that you are using that does not have an expiration date.

7. Try no to miss spots! We all have done it…came home to find a big red blotch somewhere on your body. Doesn’t look good or feel good. To avoid missing spots, try applying at home before you dress and or put your suit on.

8. Use everyday. You are exposed to sun almost everyday, in your car, running from outside to in, and so many other times you may not think of. So protect yourself!

9. Don’t forget your ears and tops of your feet! I have forgotten about my lobes and feet so many times and it is painful!

10. If you want best protection, use cream instead of spray.

I know you have heard me preach about sunscreen before, but it is sooooo important to protect your skin. My mom owns a Medical Laser Spa and I do their marketing and see all the before and afters of patients with sun damage and how bad it ages you.  It is not worth the tan, trust me! That’s why we have bronzers, and spray tans nowadays.
My mom has always avoided the sun. From when I can remember, she always had a hat or visor on and applying sunscreen. I mean look at her!  Mother of three daughters, ages 32, 30 and 26 and looking this great! Anything she tells me to do, I am doing! She has taught me most of these great tips.

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  1. Just something I read online lately… Pregnant women should NOT use the spray sunscreens. They can inhale the chemicals. Now, I know most people hold their breath while they spray it on their face, but still. Good to know.

  2. Your mom is stunning!!! I had a wake-up call years ago when my mother got lung cancer. I went into full cancer fear mode. Not just lung but the fear of skin cancer was the biggest for me. I swore off tanning beds (I've only been to one for one week before my wedding in probably 10 years), and I started to be diligent with sunscreen whenever I was out in the sun.

    I love all of these tips. I am religious about putting on the sunscreen when I'm kayaking or hanging at the creek /beach. I always put it on before my swimsuit and make my hubby coat my back. Once out in the sun I carry the sunblock with me and have started carrying the spray as a back-up. I feel like I'm a bit more inclined to spray that all over areas I feel that are heating up. (Bonus it feels good on a hot day).

    Thanks for posting this – I think too many girls get into the vanity of being tan when they are young and don't realize the damage they will have to deal with when they are in their later years. I'm 36 and constantly people don't believe me when I say that. I owe it all to sunblock, good genes and a little luck! 🙂