LA Trip

January 30, 2013

First Night in LA @ Katsuya

Farmers Market-my favorite!!

Santa Monica Pier
LA is so pretty.
Santa Monica Pier at night

Jared, Kate our good friends.
At the Luxe
Michael and I at the Viceroy

The LA Trip went so fast! I literally got in Friday evening and we left Sunday afternoon. We had a lot of fun. Did some shopping, sight seeing and lots of eating and drinking.

Friday night, we (as in we, Michael, myself, and our friend’s Jared and Kate) went to West Hollywood for dinner at Katsuya (sushi) and then met a friend of ours, Bradley, who lives in LA but from Nebraska. We went to a club called Blok with him and a bunch of his friends, which was crazy. We got the VIP treatment, no line, no cover, straight to a table and FREE bottle service all night. Crazy, right? Some of Brad’s friends were club promoters and I guess are treated like royalty there. All of his friends were super nice too.
The next day we had breakfast at the Luxe we went to Santa Monica Pier. It was sooo pretty! Everyone was in their workout clothes, running on the beach, or headed to yoga class. We went to the Farmer’s Market there, which was my favorite. You can only imagine how fresh the fruit and veggies were there.  I would go there everyday if I lived there. We did a little shopping and then went to Mariasol’s at the end of the pier from some margaritas and Mexican lunch. Quite the view!
Later that night we had drinks at the Luxe bar, then headed back down to Santa Monica to meet some of Kate’s friends. We ended our night with drinks at the Viceroy. Well actually, a large pizza from a random pizza place ended our night;)
Sunday, we woke up and went straight to the airport, hungover. My trips always seem to end that way… hungover. Ugh, that really needs to change. However, I did have my comfy lulu attire which made it a bit more bearable.

Next weekend, I can’t wait to stay in;)

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