Holiday Happenings

December 21, 2012

Sorry I have neglected posting for awhile. We had a couple holiday parties this past weekend and then a quick trip to KC. I got this great shot of the Plaza, which is a really neat shopping area in KC.

Isn’t it pretty? That is taken from our hotel room. Michael had some work to do so I was forced to shop;) 
I love Christmas lights. They make the best pictures! 
We also ate at some really good restaurants. I had oyster shooters for the first time and they were actually very delicious. I think the cocktail sauce masked the slimy consistency of the oyster. 
While on the trip, I made sure to get workouts in. I went for a run in the neighborhood behind our hotel since the weather was so nice out. 50 degrees!! That kind of weather in December is crazy for the Midwest. The houses I saw on my run were absolutely amazing. They were older homes but you can tell had all been updated and not one was the same as the other. So unique and all were decorated so cute for the holidays. The funny thing as I was running past this amazing mansion I saw this pot bellied pig in their fenced in front yard. It was so odd. I guess they make great pets, just didn’t think to find one roaming around in this neighborhood. The pig seemed friendly too, but I didn’t want some butler running out of the house yelling at me for taking pictures of their pig.
 I got my shot and continued on my run. Ha!

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