5 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

This summer, I thought it was finally time to finish Sutton’s room – something we had been working on for months – and I can’t wait to share the result. While we had most of her furniture, we still needed some things, mainly accessories. It’s amazing what a few finishing touches did to make the room feel not only complete, but completely refreshed.

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Daily Details: Must Have Mule for Summer to Fall

Soooo many of you gals loved the shoes I shared on yesterday’s IG stories, so I wanted to share a quick blog post with details for y’all to reference!

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Greyson Update {17 Months}

My baby boy seems so big these days!! He is only 18 months but he looks like such a big boy. This age is so much fun. As much as it saddens me to see them growing up, there is so much to delight in at each new stage. His personality continues to develop and we love to know more and more of him. Overall, we are LOVING this boy more and more every day!! He just keeps getting smarter and smarter and cuter and cuter!!

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Bloomingdales Back to School

I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of summer! We’ve had such a busy one and the days have just flown by. Luckily, I love fall and especially doing some back to school shopping for the kids (and me, let’s be honest). 

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