Weekend Getaway Travel Essentials & Giveaway

Panana Hat // J.Crew Bikini Top & Bottom // Beach Towel // Cover-Up // Sunnies // Sparkly Sandals // Fiji Polaroid // Tote // Reading Material // Sunscreen // Beach Day Hair 
This week Michael and I leave for a quick trip before baby arrives mid summer. I wanted to go somewhere warm with a beach and with not being able to leave the country, we decided on Marina Del Rey in Cali. I plan on doing a lot of relaxing pool or beach side, eating lots of great food and making a few trips to the spa. 
Packing for this trip was definitely more lax than any other trip. Since we just want to relax and don’t really have a big agenda I focused on what I will be taking to the beach or pool. Here are a couple must have items:
Panama Hat // (I have had this hat and it is by far my favorite warm weather hat, I wear it everywhere)
Swimsuit // Find a suit that is flattering and cute is a must! J.Crew has so many fun options.
Towel // A big comfy beach towel 
Cover-up // A cute cover up that can take from the beach to lunch. In love with this one!
Sparkly Sandals // Your feet need some bling too! Plus these are great for day or night.
Sunnies // In love with these blue shades. 
Fiji Polaroid // To capture all the fun moments (love this camera!)
Tote // To carry all your beach essentials-sunscreen, books, sunnies, wallet, beach hair spray, camera, etc. 
Sunscreen // Make sure you have UVA and UVB protection. I love Obagi Sunscreen, it’s light with no greasy feel. 
Beach Hair Spray // UNITE Beach Day this not only gives you beach day waves, it protects your hair against the damaging sun rays and salt water. 
Reading Essentials // My current books of choice: Baby Wise and Happiest Baby on the Block 
Another travel must or should I say pre-travel must is getting a spray tan. I feel and look so much better when my skin has a bronze glow. I plan on being in a bikini and shorts all weekend long, so having a tan is necessary. I always use the Versa Spa Spray Tan. It takes less than 5 minutes to get your tan and the tan lasts all weekend long. Today, Versa Spa is giving one lucky reader a free spray tan! To enter all you need to do is follow me on instagram and twitter, then comment below with your handle and let me know you entered. Winner will be announced next Friday!

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

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  1. I am entering! I am so fair! I love to get in the sun but hate the wrinkles and harm it does to my skin! I would love to try this product! I always use the jergens natural glow lotion 🙂
    my ig handle is- budgetbeautysite_cstone412cs
    and twitter is @CaitlynS412
    have fun on your trip and thank u

  2. I got my 1st Versa Spa spray tan last year, right before attending an early June wedding. Loved it & it lasted longer than I expected (bonus)!
    Following you on IG (@rainesmom) and twitter (@kimpcole)
    ~ Kim Pincombe Cole

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