Skinny Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Need a quick and easy healthy recipe? This is one of my favorites! It’s very simple, all you need is:
-Chicken breasts (I use 2 when making them for Michael and myself)
-Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce-make sure it’s the wing version of franks, this stuff is so good.
-Lettuce (romaine or any of your liking)
-Light sour cream
-Light ranch
-Shredded cheddar
-Diced onion

First, place de-thawed chicken breasts in crock pot and pour a cup or so of wing sauce so the chicken is covered.

Cook on high for 2 to 3 hours depending on the size and thickness of the chicken breasts.
Dice cooked chicken and place back into crockpot with wing sauce.
Separate and wash lettuce.

Fixings for wraps.

Fix the wraps to you liking. I first add sour cream, then chicken and drizzle wing sauce, add a light sprinkle of cheese and top with ranch.

These are amazing! So easy and satisfying. Try them, I promise you will like!

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