Moring Routines

As Sutton gets a little older, I notice more and more how much she copies what I do. From trying on my high heels to pretending to put on makeup, it really couldn’t be cuter! But it also makes me realize how much she is learning from me and picking up on little habits I have. I of course want these to be good habits and we are working to help her do some of these on her own…such as washing her hands and brushing her teeth. We recently noticed she started gargling water after brushing her teeth!! It was the funniest moment. She often watches me use my mouthwash, so I am sure this is where she picked this up.

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How To Style & Stock A Bar Cart

Michael and I love to entertain and with the weather getting warming and the days becoming longer, I thought it was time to restock and freshen up our bar cart for some much need get-togethers with friends and family. So today I wanted to share a few tips and tricks when stocking your home bar cart.

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Festival Style

It’s no secret that warm weather goes hand in hand with festival season. Just about everywhere you look, you’ll find a music festival. From big name music festivals such as Coachella or smaller food or culture festivals, these fun-filled events are full of some of the coolest style. No matter which festival you attend this season, the one thought on your mind is “what the heck do I wear!?”

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Mom Jeans

Totally obsessed with high-waisted mom jeans right now, and that would be the case even if I wasn’t a mom. 😉 This pair is perfect. I love the wash, it goes with all the pretty spring and summer colors. I love the length, no hemming required and it shows off all your pretty heels and lace-up sandals without having to roll them. I love the high waist, so flattering and will look so cute with all your favorite spring tops. See more on sizing below.

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